Race Horse Death Watch IRELAND

Name of HorseAgeLast RanRacecourseCause of Death
Easca Peasca (IRE)522.01.2022NavanFell - Dead
Keskonrisk (FR)6 04.12.2021NavanWent Wrong at Finish - Fatally Injured
Elwood (FR)712.10.2021GalwayPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Alpine Cobra (IRE)821.10.2021ThurlesFell - Dead
She's Made It (IRE)821.10.2021ThurlesBroke Near Hind Leg - Destroyed
Pope Liam (IRE)614.10.2021TramoreStruck into right foreleg tendon - Destroyed
Dawson's Cottage (IRE)713.10.2021PunchestownStruck into right foreleg tendon - Destroyed
Karl De Grosse (GER)710.10.2021LimerickStruck Into - Destroyed
Broder (IRE)910.10.2021LimerickFell - Injured - Destroyed
Salt Wind (IRE)609.10.2021FairyhouseBroke Down after jumping fence - Destroyed
Fly Girl (IRE)308.10.2021DundalkBroke Down Injured - Destroyed
Lady Kapalua (IRE)408.10.2021DownpatrickPull Up Lame - Destroyed
Sin A Bhfuil (IRE)507.10.2021ThurlesFell on Flat - Injured -Destroyed
Miss Baracus (IRE)502.10.2021KillarneyPU - Lame - Destroyed
Miss Frontiere (IRE)527.09.2021RoscommonBroke Leg - Destroyed
Low Sun (GB)829.07.2021Galway Fell - Fatally Injured
Danzig Star (IRE)403.12.2021DundalkPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Baba Buck's428.11.2021FairyhouseStumbled and Slipped Up - Fatally Injured
The Dreams Alive (IRE)1023.02.2022PunchestownFell - Broke Neck - Dead
Iron Woman (IRE)719.02.2022Gowran ParkBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Mr Fred Rogers (IRE)617.02.2022ClonmelStumbled and Fell - Injured - Destroyed
Warriors Tale (GB)1323.01.2022ThurlesFell - Dead
Brace Yourself (IRE)913.02.2022PunchestownFell - Injured - Destroyed
Farrawaybay (IRE)816.01.2022PunchestownFell - Injured - Destroyed
Montagne D'argent (IRE)816.01.2022PunchestownFell - Injured - Destroyed
Kilfenora (IRE)928.12.2021LeopardstownFinished Race Lame - Destroyed
Latest Exhibition (IRE)828.11.2021FairyhouseBroke Leg - Destroyed
Brosna Aran (IRE)522.07.2021LimerickPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Jazzaway (IRE)606.09.2021GalwayBroke Down Injured - Destroyed
Fernando Vichi (IRE)326.09.2021CurraghFell on Flat - Injured - Destroyed
Nuzzles (IRE)624.09.2021DundalkBroke Hind Leg on Bend - Destroyed
Shumard (IRE)520.09.2021ListowelFell - Fatally Injured
Elderado (IRE)518.09.2021NavanFinished Race Lame - Destroyed
Clady Bridge (IRE)418.09.2021NavanBroke Down Injured - Destroyed
Revkev (IRE)216.09.2021NaasClipped Heels - Injured - Destroyed
Makeyourcall (IRE)815.09.2021SligoFell - Injured - Destroyed
Innisfree (IRE)411.09.2021LeopardstownPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Landa Beach (IRE)510.09.2021BallinrobeFell - Broke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Avondale Smiles (IRE)403.09.2021KilbegganPulled Up - Fatlly Injured
Fredastare (IRE)603.09.2021KilbegganBroke Down After Jumping Hurdle - Destroyed
Liberty Star (GB)402.09.2021ClonmelInjured Foreleg - Destroyed
La Tektor (FR)1023.08.2021BallinrobeBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Karakhan (IRE)521.08.2021KillarneyFinished Race Lame - Destroyed
Arctic Comet (IRE)706.08.2021WexfordPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Caroles Secret (IRE)509.08.2021BallinrobePulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Narynkol (GB)607.08.2021KilbegganFinished Race Lame - Destroyed
Stage Engagement (IRE)806.08.2021WexfordPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Don't Tell Grandad (IRE)602.08.2021CorkBroke Hind Leg on Bend - Destroyed
Daisy Peers (GB)217.07.2021CurraghBroke Leg - Destroyed
Kfourkhaleesi (IRE)716.07.2021KillarneyPulled Up - Lame - Destroyed
Presentingnewyork (IRE)516.07.2021KillarneyPulled Up - Lame - Destroyed
Winning Kate (IRE)516.07.2021KillarneyFell - Injured - Destroyed
Timemakesitfine (IRE)503.07.2021BellewstownFell - Injured -Destroyed
Amalfi Coast (IRE)230.06.2021TipperaryBroke Leg - Destroyed
Raa Atoll (GB)627.06.2021CurraghBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Our Dougal (IRE)1116.06.2021WexfordSlipped Up - Injured - Destroyed
Calthor (IRE)616.06.2021WexfordBrough Down - Injured - Destroyed
Zalzar (IRE)614.06.2021Gowran ParkPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Intermedia (IRE)610.06.2021LeopardstownSlipped Up - Injured - Destroyed
Live Every Day (IRE)808.06.2021RoscommonFell Broke Foreleg - Destroyed
Trot On (IRE)506.06.2021KilbegganFell on Flat - Dead
Rueben James (IRE)905.06.2021TramoreBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
The Cool Dude (GB)505.06.2021TramoreInjured Jumping Fence - Destroyed
Worthachance (IRE)431.05.2021PunchestownBroke Down - Fatally Injured
You Can't Catch Me (IRE)1227.05.2021LimerickFell - Dead
Monvour (IRE)614.05.2021KilbegganTendon Injury - Destroyed
Caught On The Hop (IRE)710.05.2021KillarneyPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Part Time Farmer (IRE)510.05.2021KillarneyFell - Fatally Injured
El Cid (IRE)510.05.2021KillarneyBrought Down - Fatally Injured
Arthur Fonzarelli (IRE)606.05.2021TipperaryFell - Fatally Injured
Monbeg Notorious (IRE)1001.05.2021PunchestownBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Ificudiwud (IRE)830.04.2021PunchestownFatally Injured After Jumping Fence
Some Neck (FR)1029.04.2021PunchestownFatal Heart Attack Near End of Race
Polished Steel (IRE)729.04.2021PunchestownFell - Fatally Injured
Youcannotbeserious (IRE)927.04.2021PunchestownFell - Injured - Destroyed
Good Luck Hope (IRE)719.04.2021TramorePulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
High Street Lady (IRE)618.04.2021DundalkBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Patriot Poet (IRE)705.04.2021CorkPulled Up - Fatally Injured
Yukon Lil (GB)704.04.2021FairyhouseFell - Injured - Destroyed
Frere Tuck (FR)604.04.2021FairyhouseFell - Fatally Injured
Midland Millie (IRE)721.03.2021DownpatrickFatally Injured After Jumping Fence
Cemister (FR)921.03.2021DownpatrickClipped Heels - Injured - Destroyed
Merchant Of Venice (GB)619.03.2021DundalkFinished Race Injured - Destroyed
Lisavalley Lass (IRE)605.03.2021FairyhouseFell - Dead
Montwood (IRE)728.02.2021NaasPulled Up - Fatally Injured
Bella Ballerina (IRE)727.02.2021FairyhouseFell - Dead
Chalky White (IRE)715.02.2021ThurlesSlipped Up - Injured - Destroyed
Fais Ton Chemin (FR)615.02.2021ThurlesStruck Into - Destroyed
Drumacoo (IRE)1213.02.2021NaasBroke Leg - Destroyed
Rockonmolly (IRE)526.11.2021DundalkBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Fissa (FR)621.11.2021NavanFell - Dead
Sixshooter (IRE)614.11.2021PunchestownFell - Dead
More Than A Memory (IRE)511.11.2021ClonmelFell - Dead
Wide Receiver (IRE)607.11.2021NavanFell - Broke Neck - Dead
Game Catch (IRE)529.10.2021Down RoyalFell - Broke Neck - Dead
Enjoymyslipstream (IRE)227.10.2021DundalkInjured Foreleg - Destroyed
Nancy Wyse (IRE)616.12.2021NaasBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Central Court (IRE)925.01.2022Down RoyalBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Encore Lui (FR)824.02.2022ThurlesPulled Up - Lame - Destroyed
Noble Seal (IRE)405.03.2022NavanFell - Fatally Injured
It's Only A Number (IRE)912.03.2022NavanPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Blackbow (IRE)918.04.2022FairyhouseFell - Dead
Arctic Warrior (GER)603.04.2022FairyhouseFell - Fatally injured
Gargouille (FR)631.03.2022NaasFell - Fatally Injured
McCabe (IRE)526.03.2022CurraghPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Feelgood Island (FR)727.02.2022NaasBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Rogues Getaway (IRE)510.04.2022TramoreSlipped Up - Fatally Injured
Agent Boru (IRE)1118.04.2022FairyhouseFell - Injured - Destroyed
How's Trix (IRE)626.04.2022PunchestownFell - Broke Foreleg - Destroyed
Stormy Duchess (FR)313.04.2022Gowran ParkInjured HInd Leg - Destroyed
Rightplacerightime (IRE)729.04.2022PunchestownFell - Broke Neck - Dead
Class Conti (FR)1030.04.2022PunchestownBroke Hind Leg - Destroyed
Ten Ten (IRE)930.04.2022PunchestownPulled Up - Fatally Injured
Hes A Hardy Bloke (IRE)730.04.2022PunchestownFinished Race Lame - Destroyed
Arbutus (IRE)314.05.2022NavanBroke Down - Destroyed
Elusive Rain (IRE)515.05.2022KillarneyFell - Broke Leg - Destroyed
Ernie McCracken (IRE)516.04.2022FairyhouseFell - Injured - Destroyed
Second Phase (IRE)616.05.2022KillarneyFinished Race Lame - Destroyed
Dingle Rock (IRE)317.05.2022SligoPulled Up - Dead
Inductive (GB)513.05.2022KilbegganFell - Fatally Injured
Nicole's Milan (IRE)1119.05.2022TipperaryBroke Down - Destroyed
Rustler (IRE)613.05.2022LeopardstownPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Living On Love (IRE)429.05.2022PunchestownInjured Near Hind Leg - Destroyed
Sam Lorenzo (IRE)703.06.2022Down RoyalBrought Down - Dead
Shiroccoville (IRE)726.05.2022LimerickPulled Up Lame On Right Foreleg - Destroyed
King Of The Park (IRE)430.06.2022TipperarySlipped Up On Bend - Injured - Destroyed
Gabynako (FR)727.07.2022GalwayFell - Injured Back - Destroyed
Fest Deiz (FR)717.07.2022TipperaryFell - Injured - Destroyed
Bolbec (FR)817.07.2022TipperaryInjured Running Loose - Destroyed
Aintnodoubtaboutit (IRE)408.07.2022CorkPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Fumata (IRE)309.07.2022NavanFinished Race Lame On Right-Foreleg - Destroyed
Commander Sayer (IRE)221.07.2022LeopardstownLost Action - Injured - Destroyed
Ko Kate (IRE)522.08.2022BallinrobeFell - Injured - Destroyed
Doctor Duffy (IRE)920.08.2022KillarneyPulled Up - Fatally Injured
Nelly Murphy (IRE)326.08.2022Down RoyalFell - Dead
Hopefully (IRE)711.08.2022TramoreLost Action And Slipped Up - Destroyed
Profound (IRE)706.08.2022KilbegganBroke Down - Destroyed
Trouble And Strife (IRE)714.08.2022TramoreFell - Injured - Destroyed
Batting Bay (IRE)623.08.2022BellewstownBroke Down - Fatally Injured
Swiss Brid (IRE)802.08.2022RoscommonPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Rose Mahler (IRE)505.08.2022WexfordPulled Up - Fatally Injured
Hannon (IRE)726.07.2022GalwayPulled Up - Lame - Destroyed
Good Girl Robin (IRE)508.07.2022CorkFell - Injured - Destroyed
Galardo (IRE)1015.07.2022KilbegganStruck Into - Destroyed
Desert Camp (IRE)512.07.2022KillarneyLost Action - Destroyed
Rock Road (IRE)1021.09.2022ListowelBroke Near Hind Leg After Course Road Crossing
Fryda (GB) 316.09.2022DundalkBroke Down - Destroyed
Montel Glory (IRE)505.09.2022GalwayFell - Injured - Destroyed
Krujers Girl (IRE)1023.09.2022ListowelHit Fence - Broke Shoulder - Destroyed
Longhouse Force (IRE)523.09.2022ListowelBrought Down by Faller - Injured - Destroyed
Na Caith Tobac (HOL)530.09.2022Gowran ParkFell - Broke Neck - Dead
Aghinagh (IRE)517.09.2022NavanFell - Fatally Injured
Dicebox (IRE)529.09.2022ClonmelFinished Race Lame - Destroyed
Buckman Tavern (FR)608.10.2022CurraghPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Allez Sea (IRE)1013.10.2022CurraghBroke Down Injured - Destroyed
Optical Confusion (IRE)1001.10.2022Gowran ParkHit Fence - Injured Foreleg - Destroyed
Vento Del Pozzo (IRE)419.10.2022NavanBroke Down Injured - Destroyed
Guily Billy (FR)629.10.2022GalwayFell - Dead
Baby Zeus (IRE)529.10.2022GalwayFell - Dead
Grand Jury (FR)612.11.2022NaasFell - Dead
John Cannon (GB)701.12.2022ThurlesFell - Broke Neck
Knockane Lady (IRE)501.12.2022ThurlesPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Sarsfield (IRE)501.10.2022Gowan ParkFell - Dead
Rosie Rock (IRE)418.11.2022DundalkPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Dirha Lady (IRE)506.11.2022CorkPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Trampas (GB)402.11.2022DundalkPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Equine Evolve (IRE)420.11.2022CorkPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
School Boy Hours (IRE)927.11.2022NavanCollapsed And Died After Race
Roman Song (IRE)330.11.2022DundalkPulled Up - Injured - Destroyed
Unexpected Depth (IRE)829.12.2022LeopardstownBroke Near-Foreleg After Jumping Fence - Destroyed
Three Stripe Life (IRE)629.12.2022LeopardstownFell - Dead
Winning Rascal (GB)727.10.2022ClonmelPulled Up - Lame - Destroyed
Clashabreeda (IRE)729.12.2022LimerickFell - Dead
Top Bandit (GB) 708.01.2023NaasFell - Dead
Intranet (FR)521.01.2023NavanInjured After Jumping Hurdle - Destroyed
Self Inflicted Sid (GB)429.01.2023NaasFell - Injured - Destroyed

horses killed since February 2021

Animal Aid’s Race Horse Deathwatch Ireland is an initiative to highlight the victims of racing in both the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland. Racecourses in each country are regulated by the Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB) with governance, development, promotion and administration under the control of Horse Racing Ireland (HRI).

Animal Aid’s motivation is to draw attention to the failings of the IHRB and HRI. Both organisations are reinforced by the wider racing industry and by political assistance which uses public money to support racing. Combined, they are wholly responsible for the victims listed on this website. The IHRB and HRI should act to prevent what is an immense horse welfare problem if they are to maintain their roles as horse welfare guardians.

This website is the only comprehensive account of horses who are killed due to racing on racecourses on the island of Ireland. Listed are the names of the victims, the date that they last ran, the course on which they ran and their cause of death. The horse victims have either been killed directly on the racecourse or died later from their injuries from racing at that course. NB This list does not include horses killed by elective euthanasia. These are horses who are not injured but are killed due to lack of ability. The number of horses destroyed by elective euthanasia remains with the industry, away from public attention.

For horses killed racing in Great Britain see: Race Horse Death Watch

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